Cool is fast becoming the new frontier in a
niche-mad world, which has major implications
for all culture and consumer industries, from
marketing, advertising and media, right through
to retail and hospitality. The Cool Age is here.

Cool has become a concept denoting a kind of
elusive X-factor that makes something
exceptional. Individual. Covetable. Inspiring.
Independent. Thoughtful. Limited. Pioneering.
Exclusive. Innovative. Original.

Cool has become shorthand for anything “inter-
esting,” used by everyone - from Boomers
through to Generation Y.

Whatever its manifestation, cool gives a brand,
person, product, place or service a supernatural
power to rise above the noise. To stand out in an
ocean of “stuff” and make people remark to themselves:


“I want that.”
“I love that.”
“I’m going to tell my friends about that.”

Step into the Cool Age.

The Hunt

for cool

© 2018 by MT Fuller